War Rock

War Rock 20110307

Free first person fighting game


  • Low system requirements
  • Lots of characters and scenarios
  • Free


  • Basic graphics and poor sound effects
  • Gameplay can be unrealistic

Very good

War Rock is an action packed multiplayer online shoot'em-up that you can download and play totally for free.

Anyone who has played Unreal Tournament and other similar games will already be familiar with the format of War Rock.

Once connected to the server, you can pick a game and join the battle with people from all over the world. There's also a button to randomly join any game that's currently active and has a free spot.

War Rock includes a ton of war maps – which results in a wide variety of combat situations and scenarios – and also lets you choose between five different characters (engineer, medic, sniper, assault and heavy trooper).

Don't spend too much time thinking about it though, since you can choose again after death.

Once in battle, your aim in War Rock will depend on the type of game you've joined.

Each map has different missions that may involve team coordination or personal strategy. As you progress in War Rock, you'll acquire experience points and unlock new weapons and equipment.

For a free game, War Rock is pretty good. Also, thanks to its low requirements you'll be able to run it pretty much on any computer, including old-spec systems.

On the downside, graphics and sound effects are not as high-quality as in other games, and gameplay is sometimes too easy to be realistic.

War Rock may not be the best shoot'em-up out there, but if you enjoy an easy killing spree you'll love it.

WarRock is a game/simulation in first person that can stands for both being free and of great quality. This interesting game is highky realistic, offers online action and many world with varied elements (vehicles, fences, poles.

. . ). In WarRock, you can choose to be any type of character: engineer, soldier, doctor, heavy weapons specialist, and sniper. You'll also be able to drive armoured vehicles.

War Rock


War Rock 20110307

User reviews about War Rock

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    ok game but bad community full of hacks.
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  • by Anonymous

    Loved it..
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    War Rock.
    Warrock is a nice fps game but there is lots of hacks and bugs. Should be checked by game developers..   More

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    please i cant gt username & password.
    can anyone please help me how and where do i create user name and pass...   More